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The SPS sound and lighting production package is designed to cater most typical size ballrooms (up to 1500 attendees) and smaller outdoor venues (up to 1000 attendees).

Included in this package, is a large inventory of professional sound and lighting equipment, in combination with a "boutique style" service.

This package can be configured in 3 model types:


 Event - Wedding Service

 Live Music Service

 Meeting Service

FOR ALL PACKAGES:  Service is top priority.  Here are a few examples of service standards that are implemented for every production

-  Commitment to providing quick responses to calls, emails, and or text messages, and being readily available during every chapter of  


-  Site inspections/walk throughs for all productions.


The "Event" package is specifically designed for events that require seamless sound and lighting room coverage, in a low profile set up.


  The event service package benefits SPS clients by providing: 


  • 360 degree intelligent room zoning

  • DJ friendly connections

  • Intelligent room tunning resulting in high fidelity, crystal clear sound

  • Pin spot and table center piece highlighting

  • Wireless microphone (lavalier, handheld or headset)

  • Perimeter up-lighting DMX controlled

  • 40' of truss structures




The 'Live Music" package is specifically designed for live music event performances, such as concerts festivals, venue shows etc.

     With an impressive equipment arsenal, this audio package delivers a thunderous, yet transparent sound that can easily cater up to 1000 attendees.

Our crew and technicians are all experiened, and are well versed when dealing with hi-profile musicians and profesional stage protocol.

     There is a list of gear that is provided in the slide gallery, which specifies the gear decription, quantity, rate, and all that is inclusive to the "Live Music" package.

     The lighting for the this package is designed to deliver a seamless, full color, DMX controlled, LED stage wash. The system comes with sufficient conventional halogen lighting as well.  





This sound and lighting package configuration offers a service and gear combination, specifically designed for meeting services and functions.

     The audio portion of this package provides a sophisticated sound system that can surround a 120' X 120" space.  This is the solution for optimum audio zone coverage.  The entire system is controlled by a state of the art digital mixing desk.

There are many more components that accompany this gear and service package.  There is a gear list provided in the slide gallery which specifies description, quantity, and, all that is inclusive with this package.

     The lighting segment for meeting services, comes with a fully ground supported structure (up to 21' tall and 40' wide).  This enables lights to be strategically placed to obtain optimum lighting coverage on stage, podium etc.  Our ability to install and adjust lighting fixtures on our own truss supports minimizes costly venue rigging expenses.  

Please refer to gallery for further more information.



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